Jobs & Careers

Building a Strong Economy

Rev. Linwood Blizzard believes a strong and equitable economy  creates a strong and equitable community. As our Commonwealth comes roaring back, it is a crucial time to build an economy that works for everyone. He understands the importance of protecting the jobs in the fishing and agriculture industries that the Northern Neck relies on. His focus will be on the development and creation of small business opportunities across the region with careful attention to preserving and protecting the environment. 

Rev. Blizzard feels that business opportunities should be fair regardless of business size, and he is driven to find ways for all businesses to have equitable access to capital and markets. In addition to building up businesses, Rev. Blizzard understands the importance of establishing careers early and will be focused on creating pathways for jobs and growth opportunities that can be utilized from  a young age. Jobs and careers must focus not only on what we need now, but also what we need for tomorrow.


Equitable Access to Education for All

As a teacher and member of the Northumberland County Public Schools Equity Committee, Rev. Blizzard has worked with students, parents, teachers, administrators, community members, and elected officials to address historical challenges standing in the way of student success. 

Rev. Blizzard believes that change starts by investing in public education, providing more funds for our schools, and raising teacher pay in Virginia, which currently ranks 34th out of 50 states. In his experience as a local public school teacher, Rev. Blizzard believes in harnessing the power and promise of education to further the community. As Delegate, Rev. Blizzard will continue to improve the system by working to ensure that a student’s zip code does not determine the quality of their education.

Expanding Broadband

Rev. Blizzard is acutely aware how the lack of reliable and affordable broadband access can have a negative impact through his extensive work within the community. Where one lives should not determine whether or not someone can do their job, attend their classes or even shop for the essentials when they are unable to leave their homes. As your Delegate, Rev. Blizzard will use his past experience forming public-private partnerships to expand and incentivize providers to solve our growing digital divide in order to expand affordable broadband access for all.

Investing in Infrastructure

Public infrastructure is crumbling on the Northern Neck. Heavy rains shut down roads for months, create dangerous driving conditions, and force people to plan their lives around the weather. Rev. Blizzard understands that Northern-Neck infrastructure will take long-term investments and serious commitments from the state. He is committed to winning additional funding for the projects that will improve the day-to-day lives of his constituents, such as the much needed repairs to the Robert O. Norris Bridge. As Delegate, Rev. Blizzard will always fight to allocate state budget funds to build up the infrastructure of the region, ensuring that our roads and bridges are open, safe, and smooth for all.


Rev. Blizzard knows that in the Northern Neck, protecting the environment means protecting jobs. Climate change poses serious risks to our farming and fishing industries, industries so many constituents of the 99th District rely on. As Delegate, Rev. Blizzard will prioritize conserving the Northern Neck ecosystem by supporting proactive initiatives aimed at slowing the effects of climate change so our industries can continue to thrive for years to come. Part of this will include advocating for Virginia to move away from fossil fuels in a smart and strategic way that guarantees all workers the opportunity and training necessary to build an industry of clean energy in the Northern Neck economy.